Financial Models & Early-Stage Funding for Startups

In this workshop we will discuss a framework that reflects your go-to-market strategy and empowers you create a pitch you can justify to investors.

Financial models for startups will be discussed from a practical perspective. The assumption is that you have little to no business finance experience.

Why create financial projections when they’re a guess?

The goal of financial projections is not to predict the future. That’s simply not possible. The goal is to define your business strategy for the next 2 to 5 years and then create a mathematical representation of your strategy in the form of a financial model.

Many startup founders and small business owners have trouble making projections that reduce the uncertainty in which they operate.


6:00pm ~ Networking, food & refreshments

6:45pm ~ Discussion & presentation with plenty of Q&A:

A. Startup revenue models & related costs and answers to questions like:

* How does your company make money? Timing of revenue streams? Pricing?

* What’s your go-to-market strategy? How you will acquire customers? Sell products, get users, etc?

* What are your costs? How much it will cost to complete development, manufacturing, etc?

* Your  other related expenses?

B. Framework for creating revenue & cost assumptions specifically for your startup:

* Financial statements overview

* Financial ratios that measure operational and financial health of your startup

* Working capital, CapEx, and free cash flow

* How to avoid #1 error most founders make that damages their potential to get funded

C. Methods for getting early-stage funding:

* How to avoid having seed funding spoil your later financing

* The #1 mistake founders make in friends & family rounds

* Insider info on what angels really want to hear and see in your pitch

8:45pm ~ Networking and more Q&A


Tricia M. Taitt is president of ART & Money Matter$ LLC. Her company provides financial consulting and accounting services to SMBs poised for growth. Tricia worked on Wall Street for eight years in private wealth at Merrill Lynch and corporate finance at Citigroup. She holds a BS in Finance from the Wharton School, an MBA from Duke University, and a Certificate in Not-for-Profit Accounting & Governmental Reporting from NYU.

D.K. Smith is managing director of the Brooklyn Innovation Center incubator. D.K. is a founding member of Brooklyn Angels and a co-producer of Angel Week NY. He’s an advisor to numerous startups, investors, and family offices; and also serves as a mentor for student founders at Columbia’s Almaworks accelerator and the REVC competition at Harvard Business School. D.K. is a a serial entrepreneur who founded and sold two marketing communications firms.


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Seating is limited to provide better guidance to individual founders & business owners who are seeking early-stage funding.