Pro Bono (FREE) Legal Clinic for Founders, Owners & Entrepreneurs

We’re hosting a free legal workshop with the Center for Urban Business Entrepreneurship (CUBE) Consultation Center.

Law students from Brooklyn Law School will provide a brief legal advice clinic in conjunction with pro bono attorneys from top NYC law firms.

FREE one-on-one sessions with founders/owners and teams of law students and attorneys.

Legal topics:

* Contracts & Agreements: co-founder agreements, vesting, client/vendor contracts, etc. 

* (IP) Intellectual Property: trademarks, patents, copyrights.

* Corporate Formation: Inc. vs LLC, Delaware corporations, etc.

* Employment & Labor: employment contracts, freelancer vs employee, etc.

* Immigration: founders on visas, expired visas, etc.

* Office/commercial leases (non-residential)

Apply here, for a free legal clinic with teams of law students and pro bono attorneys. 

You MUST APPLY to participate.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Monday, September 25th at 11pm.

DO NOT WAIT TO APPLY. Sessions are filled on a rolling basis and space is limited.


1. Startup founders, solopreneurs, brick & mortar owners, non-profit and social entrepreneurs are eligible.

2. You do not need to have a formal business yet.

3. Founder, owner, or one co-founder must live and/or work in Brooklyn.

4. There is NO FEE to participate.

5. You MUST be a member of Brooklyn Startups meetup to be eligible.

6. You MUST APPLY to participate.

7. Decisions of the selection committee are final.


Deadline to apply is Monday, September 25th at 11pm.

RSVPs here on Meetup will not get you into the clinic.

You MUST APPLY to get brief pro bono legal advice.

NOTE: Only the entrepreneurs accepted for the clinic will be allowed into the event. NO observers.